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Marine Pictolife Asian Pacific
19.90 (r.r.p)

At last! A fully waterproof marine species identification guide for diving boating and the beach. It also incorporates a blank waterproof page for handwritten notes. Furthermore, it is presented in five languages - English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

This is also an excellent marine life identification reference. Its key characteristics are:

-over 250 full colour photographed species
-colour coded generic sections for quick navigation
-pictogram representation of key information covering size, behaviour, habitat and other particular characteristics of the species
-a detailed explanation on how to get the best use from your guide
-fully waterproof pocket sized

This is quite simply the most convenient, handy guide to marine life available. Exquisitely produced and full of fascinating and useful information for all those who could use a ready reference manual.

72 waterproof pages (plus user guide)
125 x 165 mm
Spiral bound

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