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One Breath - A Reflection on Freediving
19.99 (r.r.p)

Emma Farrell, a world leader in freediving, takes you through the history, techniques and physiology of this sport. It is a fascinating story of how she first became interested in freediving and went on to become a competition diver and world-class teacher, combined with insights into the skills and techiques involved.

If you thought that freediving was an activity only for the extreme fringes of the world of watersports, think again. As this book explains, anyone who takes a plunge into water without artificial aids such as scuba equipment, is freediving. Indeed, once you've read this book, you may well reflect upon those moments when you relaxed by immersing yourself in the bath. It is as much an exploration of one's self as it is an extreme sport.

Photographs by Frederic Buyle, all taken whilst he himself is freediving, illustrate the wonders and freedom of this delightful passtime.

112 pages
28 x 21 cms

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