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Ultimate Diving Adventures
20.00 (r.r.p)

By Len Deeley and Karen Gorgani, this is a selection of 100 excellent dives around the globe, described as "extraordinary experiences underwater". The choice of dives lives up to this description and the book is clear, logical and very nicely presented. Each dive is described in sufficient detail to give the reader an insight into the challenge that awaits and an indication of the level of difficulty involved, as well as a background discussion of the site, be it for the spectacle of the marine life or a wreck dive.

The book has sections: Tropical Reefs, Temperate Waters, Wreck Dives, Shark Inhabited Reefs, Whales and other Mammals, and Exotic Species. There are ample colour photographs and subsidiary notes to supplement the core text. The dives are hugely diverse from Siberia to the Sudan and from the Red Sea to Rangiroa, far to many to list here but all worth a visit and an amazing achievement for the authors.

209 pages
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