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World Atlas of Marine Fauna
£69.99 (r.r.p)

World Atlas of Marine Fauna magnificently exhibits the diversity and beauty of sea life. It is the most comprehensive guide to these sub-sea species available.

This book is the natural companion volume to World Atlas of Marine Fishes. With the addition of Nudibranchs of the World and Seahorses and their Relatives, World Atlas of Marine Fauna completes the set of identification books from Helmut Debelius and Rudie H Kuiter, unrivalled in any other publication.

This World Atlas includes many of the familiar decapod crustacea (lobsters, crabs, shrimps), some worms and highly diverse mollusca, seaslugs and some other snails such as cowry, as well as octopus, squid and other cephalopods, various groups of mobile invertebrates such as flatworms, seastars, urchins, and many other echinoderms. With rare exceptions, they are photographed in their natural habitats. The popular groups, symbiotically living crustaceans and cephalopods are covered extensively, whilst the seaslugs, treated comprehensively in Nudibranchs of the World, are included to some extent for completeness but expanded here with other opisthobranch families such as headshield slugs and seahares.

Today's life-forms are those that have successfully evolved and were shaped and created along their evolutionary path of hundreds of millions of years, and will keep on changing as required by circumstances. Our learning about marine creatures and their behaviour is a neverending story, and it is behoven to us to share our knowledge and encourage our successors to develop it further and learn the pleasures to be taken in discovering the wonders of our natural world. The World Atlas of Marine Fauna is an invaluable reference book for a great variety of marine life that we can admire in the world’s seas. As such, its appeal is to the environmental enthusiasts, photographers, sportsdivers, snorkellers, surveyors, teachers, biogeographers, and amateur and professional scientists of all ages.

725 pages
21 cm x 28 cms

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