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Seahorses and their Relatives
49.95 (r.r.p)

This stunning book by Rudie Kuiter, capturing the beauty and elegance of these extraordinary creatures in fantastic colour photography, is not just a picture-book but the most comprehensive encyclopeodia of the world's seahorses and thier relatives. It is not strictly an IKAN publication but is included in this group because it is modeled on the style created and promoted by Helmut Debelius and because it sits comfortably amongst those great reference books: World Atlas of Marine Fishes, Nudibranchs of the World and World Atlas of Marine Fauna.

The names of the creatures included in this book speak for themselves: seahorses, seadragons, pipehorses, pipefishes, bellowfishes, flutemouths, trumpetfishes and seamoths. Over 370 species are covered with more than 1200 photographs mostly taken in their natural habitats, introducing genera and subgenera. This includes around 80 species of seahorse.

The book includes special chapters on the origin, evolution and world distribution of the species. It also addresses the aquaculture of the species for the aquarium trade, why there is such a trade, how they are really doing in the wild and the myth about them being threatened.

The book is fully indexed, and includes an invaluable glossary and list of references.

334 pages
204 x 280 mm.

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