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Without Wings (about the Graf Zeppelin)
£10.99 (r.r.p)

This is the story of the Graf Zeppelin, now lying wrecked in the Baltic Sea.

Launched in 1938, and measuring over a quarter of a kilometre in length, the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin was the largest ship ever built by Nazi Germany. She was to operate the most modern carrier aircraft in the western world, and as such was feared by Great Britainís Royal Navy.

Planned as one of four carriers, the premature start to World War II ensured that the others never materialised, leaving the Graf Zeppelin as Germanyís sole aircraft carrier.

The author, Stephen Burke has been a scuba diver since the age of fourteen and has always been fascinated by the history that lies beneath the waves. Having dived the World War I German fleet at Scapa Flow, and many other wrecks around our coast both military and merchant, a description in a naval encyclopaedia of the German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin grasped his imagination. Recounting (incorrectly) how she was believed to have sunk after hitting a mine in the Gulf of Finland, the few lines dedicated to the carrier on that single page of the encyclopaedia were enough to ensure several years of research would ensue.

Now discover the full story in this intriguing book.

110 pages
18 x 25 cms

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