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Hostage to Fortune - HMHS Britannic
28.50 (r.r.p)

by Simon Mills
[hardback with dustcover, 224 pages plus pull out rigging plans]

Foreword written by Dr. Robert D. Ballard, who discovered the wrecks of the Titanic and the Bismarck and mounted the expedition to Britannic to explode the myth and mystery that had grown up around its sinking.

Overshadowed by her sisters the Olympic and the Titanic, Britannic was arguably the biggest and best of the three. Events conspired to undermine the majesty of this great vessel. A story as intriguing as that of the Lusitania, sufficient to lure both Jacques Cousteau and Robert Ballard to mount expeditions to seek out the truth.

Now lying near the Greek island of Kea, the wreck of the Britannic is a fascination to modern divers. This book, written by Simon Mills, one such diver who was driven by his own curiousity to acquire the wreck, tells the story of the ship, provided at times through the emotional eyes of personnel who survived the calamity of its loss and reinforced by his own painstaking research of government dossiers and information arising from surveys.

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