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Purchases from this web site can only be made directly by registered trade customers of Hinchcliffe Books. To process your order, we require your trade name, billing address, phone number and an order reference or contact name. We do not need credit card information. We use your details to process your order and, if any questions should arise, to contact you about your order.

If we need to contact you, we will contact you via email, post or telephone/fax, whichever is deemed most appropriate by ourselves.

Any information provided by you will be used for Hinchcliffe Books purposes only. However, Hinchcliffe Books may need to provide your name and delivery address to third parties that are involved in the processing of your order or used for delivering specific services to you (for example, the financial institution that issued your credit card or the courier that delivers your order).

Your information will not be shared with individuals or other companies (such as direct mail organizations or other third parties) unless required by law.

There are times when we may request information from you, such as your, name, address and e-mail address. When additional information is requested, we will try to let you know at the time of collection how we intend to use the personal information you provide, such as responding to your inquiry, accepting an order, conducting a survey or allowing you to access specific information such as account information, etc. We do our best to maintain the accuracy of any personal information you do supply to us. You can help Hinchcliffe Books update and maintain the accuracy of any personal information you supply by using the My Account page.

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